How Can We Help?


How Can We Help?
How can I view the vacancies at your company?

You can view and apply to the vacant positions at Kızılay Investment and its subsidiaries on our website and at

How does the process work, following the application for a vacancy?

After we measure the professional personality inventory, English skills, and if required information technologies competencies of the candidates at the evaluation center, we proceed with the interview phase. Following the initial interview conducted by Human Resources, candidates have a second interview with the managers of the relevant unit. Successful candidates are offered a job. Candidates whose interviews did not yield positive outcomes are informed via e-mail.

Is my payroll going to be under Kızılay Association?

The payroll of the employee is going to be under Kızılay Investment or the subsidiary.

Is there an opportunity for internship at Kızılay Investment and its subsidiaries?

We only offer internship opportunities for students who are required to undergo a mandatory internship.

What are the fringe benefits offered to employees?
  • Complementary health insurance
  • Company car or commuting allowance depending on the position
  • Food allowance
  • Opportunity to adjust working hours for employees who are going to pursue their master's or doctorate degrees to support their education
  • Gift vouchers for necessary occasions, moving, marriage, birth, death, education of the employee's children
Where are the workplaces located?

Presently, Kızılay Investment and its subsidiaries operate in İstanbul, Ankara, Malatya, Afyonkarahisar and Erzincan. In line with the investment and growth strategies of the group companies, the number of provinces where they operate is going to vary in time.

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