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Consultancy and Process Analysis Services

Consultancy and Process Analysis Services

Consultancy and Process Analysis Services

Kızılay Logistics, which has over 150 years of logistics experience of Kızılay in its roots, strengthens the supply chain rings according to today's conditions and determines the future of the sector with the innovation studies it conducts.

Creates Value with Stakeholders
Kızılay Logistics shares its experiences with national-native companies and public representatives. It shares information about logistics information systems, warehouse management systems and transportation management systems setups with its customers and helps customers complete their logistics integrations.

Correct Logistics Investment Decisions

It supports fully automatic warehouse and conventional warehouse design studies, determines the warehouse shelf systems and equipment requirements. Regarding to this, it provides consultancy services to determine the ideal investment for its customers.
Optimum Efficiency Target
It helps its customers to achieve optimum efficiency in resource management by providing supply chain process consultancy.

Integrated Logistics Management

Kızılay Logistics also transfers its knowledge and experience to relevant stakeholders, in areas such as supplier selection, tender management, contract forming, performance management, invoice controls and audit.


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