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Information Security

Information Security

Kızılay Logistics Security Policy

As the TURKISH RED CRESCENT, we hereby undertake that, in order to manage any and all risks against our information security and information assets;

  • We shall consider corporate information and data belonging to our personnel, customers (financial data, personal information, etc.), donors, volunteers, people in need, and all interlocutors to be valuable and critical, and fulfill the obligations required by the relevant legislation on information security, 
  • We shall preserve the credibility and reputation of the Institution, 
  • We shall maintain the necessary infrastructure and take security measures to ensure uninterrupted information services used for performing our corporate activities and to make sure that personal and private data can only be accessed by authorized people, 
  • We shall document and constantly improve our information security management system to fulfill the requirements of the ISO/IEC 27001 standard, 
  • We shall systematically manage the risks against information assets, 
  • We shall utilize training to improve technical and behavioral competencies with a view to raising awareness about information security 

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