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Warehouse Service

Warehouse Service

Warehouse Operations Services

Kızılay Logistics carries out warehouse activities such as delivery and receipt of products, proper storage, preparation for shipment and loading on the vehicle. Our company provides the highest level of storage and stacking conditions in accordance to the quality of the product or material with the power and experience received from Kızılay.

Operational Excellence
Kızılay Logistics applies the principle of operational excellence in warehouse management processes. While providing efficient, effective and reliable warehouse services by supporting current conditions with the most up-to-date technology and infrastructures in the "continuous improvement" perspective; aims to maximize operational efficiency by providing a traceable-measurable management basis.


High Customer Satisfaction

Kızılay Logistics has the most up-to-date information systems infrastructure to carry out warehouse services and uses all this knowledge to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Effective and Reliable Service Approach

With these qualifications, it provides effective and reliable service for warehouse operations in fast moving consumer goods, humanitarian aid, health and public logistics.

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