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Kızılay Logistics carries out warehouse activities such as delivery and receipt of products, proper storage, preparation for shipment and loading on the vehicle.

Kızılay Logistics, with its Kızılay experience, carries out the distribution and shipment activities of products and materials on right time in right amount (OTIF).

Kızılay Logistics designs and offers value added services to its customers in addition to its existing operations for all services needed in line with special demands or within the framework of humanitarian aid.

Logistics Planning is very important in terms of ensuring all rings of the value chain work in coordination with each other in the most effective way.

Kızılay Logistics carries out humanitarian aid operations with high sensitivity in accordance with the values of Kızılay.

Kızılay Logistics aims to make operations more efficient and effective by setting up infrastructures specially designed for healthcare logistics.

Kızılay Logistics offers storage services, transportation services and value added logistics services with its logistics center located in many locations.

Kızılay Logistics, which has over 150 years of logistics experience of Kızılay in its roots, strengthens the supply chain rings according to today's conditions and determines the future of the sector with the innovation studies it conducts.

Kızılay Logistics contributes to the environment and economy by recycling used textiles collected through common recycling stations.

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