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Corporate Values

Corporate Values

Kızılay Logistics embraces the corporate values of Kızılay.



Kızılay represents equity.
It acts equitably in all of its activities and services. It assesses all situations and options fairly and impartially. It treats all people without discriminating on the basis of religion, language, race, nationality, and gender.
Open Communication
By nature of its founding purpose, Kızılay is free of stereotypes and prejudices; it adopts a sharing attitude.
It shares information and experiences and encourages constant and simultaneous information exchange internally. It is in communication with the whole business ecosystem and all of its stakeholders. It attaches great importance to being accessible, transparent, and accountable.
Kızılay is the epitome of solidarity and aid.
Thanks to the culture, tradition, and richness it inherited from its history, it cares deeply about internal solidarity. It considers commitment, team spirit, cooperation, assistance, and sharing to be indispensable.
At Kızılay, trust is the foundation on which relationships are built.
It is the basis for success and reputation; being trustworthy in one's words, efforts, and behaviors is essential.
Honor of Kızılay
Kızılay means taking pleasure in transforming the common sense, conscience, tolerance, compassion, and philanthropy of the people into services for all humanity.
Under the guidance of its corporate values and the principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement; members of Kızılay family generate value for their business partners and customers by creating modern, innovative, and distinct solutions through willpower and wits, excitement, passion, and commitment. They behave in a way that does not denigrate the honor of Kızılay across all their relationships within their ecosystems.
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